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Dynamically rotating images with jQuery Cycle and ColdFusion

Posted on August 22, 2009, under ColdFusion | 12393 Views

jQuery Cycle provides a lightweight slideshow plugin. It is super simple to drop in and create a great looking slideshow. The real trick to is to ColdFusion to grab the images from a directory then randomly sort the results to create a unique slideshow ...

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lightning storm - arkansas on July 12, 2009

Posted on July 12, 2009, under General Tech, Personal | 5403 Views

This storm rolled through and I grabbed a bit of video with cell. ...

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Twikini - twitter client for Windows Mobile

Posted on May 30, 2009, under General Tech | 5883 Views

Day one and great so far. I was using Tiny Twitter for my Windows Mobile client. It worked well but had some odd little features such as displaying the avatar fullscreen covering the content. It was also a bit heavy on memory. I wasn't really looking ...

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combining jQuery and onRequestEnd to change client code

Posted on March 13, 2009, under ColdFusion | 7546 Views

Open source saves lives, closed source is evil. We have all encountered encrypted or pre-compiled Java bytecode cfm/cfc files. Seldom times the original developers have left us options to change links, rename fields, change form action pages, add form ...

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Detecting password age from either Active Directory or OpenLDAP/Samba

Posted on January 03, 2009, under ColdFusion | 17942 Views

So you have that fancy ColdFusion application of yours using ldap authentication back to either an active directory or OpenLDAP/Samba server. Everyone is happy, shared authentication works perfectly. Life is great, you're the hero. Suddenly you start ...

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bit of wisdom from #coldfusion room on DALnet

Posted on December 30, 2008, under ColdFusion | 6488 Views

This is a fine example of the wisdom you are missing out on by not hanging out in the #coldfusion IRC room. [ScottP]: something off with netflix - suggested Evan Almighty because I enjoyed Armageddon, Day after Tomorrow, Collateral Damage. [CJ]: evan a ...

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Holiday Security Alert - SQL Server 2000, 2005

Posted on December 24, 2008, under ColdFusion | 6538 Views

Just in time for the holiday, Microsoft has issued an advisory announcing a vulnerability in SQL Server that could allow Remote Code Execution.Microsoft Security Advisory: A temp fix (WARNI ...

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Randomly sorting Query of Queries

Posted on October 04, 2008, under ColdFusion | 12415 Views

The DB servers all have cool little tricks to randomly sort the records, for example on SQL Server it is simply order by NewID(). Trouble is I had a small table with a very limited number of records in it and needed them randomly sorted for each page vi ...

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Patch for CFImage and

Posted on August 20, 2008, under ColdFusion | 18102 Views

Stumbled across this peach. A little used resize page was tossing errors. Instead of looking for a solution, I ripped through the code trying to figure out where I had screwed up. Turns out I didn't. Lesson learned - again. Patch for CFImage and Ima ...

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Mac OS VPN ignoring Send all traffic over VPN connection

Posted on July 27, 2008, under General Tech, Apple | 13241 Views

I ran into an issue with VPN connections routing the traffic through the VPN connection regardless of the configuration setting. I would uncheck the box label Send all traffic over VPN connection, fire up the VPN link and be rewarded with all of the tra ...

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